‘Bachelorette’ Boys Gang Up On Ryan P. (Sneak Peek)

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Tomorrow night on The Bachelorette, Blake Julian is going to pull Ryan Park to let him know that he’s pissing off everyone and well, nobody likes him.

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“Most of the guys in the house don’t like Ryan. He just has some personality quirks that make it difficult to want to hang out with him.  I will share my opinion when maybe someone doesn’t want to hear it. I tell the truth and I’m not going to apologize for it.  Out of everyone here, it’s kind of a unanimous thing: if there’s one person who’s grating on almost everyone, that would be you,” says Julian. “It’s just a matter of intensity — you get very loud and boisterous about things.”

That doesn’t sit well with him… and Ryan just doesn’t care what the guys think as he responds….

“It’s ridiculous, it’s preposterous.  What? You can’t hang with the fact that I’m friggin’ happy all the time? I’m sorry I’m not grumpy!”

Watch the clip below than tell me what you think… is Ryan P. annoying or just sincerely honest and happy?!  What do you think Ashley is going to do with him?

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