The TRUTH: Here’s Why Crystal Harris DUMPED Hugh Hefner

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner called off their wedding that was supposed to happen in five days.  They have both confirmed it on the web.  But, we all were a little curious as to what really made Crystal dump Hef at the last minute.  ANd the truth isn’t that surprising.

Wedding is OFF! Crystal Harris Dumps Hugh Hefner!

Crystal Harris Caught CHEATING On Hugh Hefner

It was over money and music.  She only gets about $200 a week as her playboy allowance.  She wanted more, a lot more.  And she wanted Hugh to GIVE her a music career.  She’s obsessed with it, she was only focusing on the music and not the wedding… yeah, that’s NOT normal for any bride.

And what?  Hef can’t make people like your pathetic music.   This girl is a piece of work!  And a few other things……

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