PHOTO: Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw Are Totally Bonding

Crystal Harris dumps Hugh Hefner days before their wedding, bails out of the Playboy Mansion, and drops her first single all at once.  There have been rumors for months that she’s been/was cheating on Hef with Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw.  She of course denies it.  Do we believe her?

Wedding is OFF! Crystal Harris Dumps Hugh Hefner!

Then, TMZ catches these two together, heading into the recording studio… they claim that is all their relationship is about… making music together.  I suppose it could be somewhat true.  She could be using him just to help her way into the music industry… then when she’s gotten what she wants, she will bail on him too?

Not sure…. but I do think it’s pretty insensitive to be out in public with him….. knowing how that will affect Hugh.

What do you think?

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