Crystal Harris On Engagement: “It was all for publicity.”


Crystal Harris is furthering her gold digger image by pawning the $90,000 engagement ring that Hugh Hefner gave her, and let her keep after she bailed on him at the last second.  This girl clearly has no shame whatsoever.

PHOTO: Crystal Harris and Jordan McGraw Are Totally Bonding

TMZ caught Harris in Prospect Jewelers in La Jolla, CA, trying to get an appraisal on the ring.  The owner needed some info. on the quality of the ring, so she called the Playboy Mansion to find out… OMG!  She is ridiculous.  They couldn’t get her the info. immediately, so she left.

But here is the kicker…. the owner told Crystal he was sorry to hear about Hef, to which Crystal replied, “Are you kidding? It was all for publicity.”

Yeah, she’s evil.

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