Jonny Fairplay’s Wife Left Him BECAUSE:

Beautiful model, Michelle Deighton (America’s Next Top Model) told TMZ exactly why she left her husband Jonny Fairplay (Survivor) and the reason won’t surprise you……

“I work 40 hours a week at a daycare to support us, yet he would still want me to come home and cook and clean for him.  I left because I was tired of feeling like I had two children instead of a husband and a daughter.  I just want out of this unhealthy relationship. I have tried to work this out but he refuses to speak to me.”

I can’t believe she married him back in 2008….. that was a total shocker.  He’s not husband material for anyone!  Huge lapse in judgement!  And Jonny, in true sleaze fashion is the one who decided to file the separation papers this week when she moved herself and her daughter out of the house.

I hope she serves him divorces papers quickly….. don’t let him “win.”

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