Big Brother 13: Evil Dick Has Already Left The House!

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Last night was the first episode of Big Brother 13 and we got all that we expected!  Along with the 8 new house guests (see bios and pics here), we got three duos from the past: Brendan and Rachel, Jeff and Jordan, and Evil Dick and Danielle.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  This is going to be a really good season.  I was hoping to see Enzo back.  But it’s okay…. maybe another season will bring him back.

Well, last night after the episode concluded, the real drama began… you so have to get Showtime to see Big Brother After Dark!  It’s fab!  Evil Dick was called into the Diary Room….. then disappeared.  Adam found a pink piece of paper with Dick’s name on it, on a Nomination Chair.  What?!  They were saying things about when you fight with production, you always lose.  Production always wins.  Hmmmmm……..  Hours later, Danielle was called in there and told he left the show… and she was given a Golden Key.  So…. she’s safe for a few weeks….but why did Evil Dick leave?  Was he fighting with production?   I’ll let you know as soon as I find out!  UPDATE: ->>> Big Brother 13: The TRUTH Behind Evil Dick Leaving

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I am disappointed…. I wanted to see him cause some huge drama.  I hope that everything is okay.  This is getting crazy already!

Did you enjoy the first episode?!

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