Big Brother 13: The TRUTH Behind Evil Dick Leaving

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We have only seen the first episode of Big Brother 13 and we’ve gotten a full load of drama to go with it.  If you have caught up…. Evil Dick left the building/show hours after premiere (details HERE) and the first nominations are already in.  If you you’re into spoilers, check out those links.

Now, the latest new on the whole Evil Dick leaving the Big Brother house…..

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I am still waiting for complete confirmation, but the source is pretty solid, and that’s why I am going to go ahead and share the news…..

Evil Dick left the Big Brother house so abruptly because his brother was killed in a car accident.  Yeah.  Heavy, I know.  This actually makes the most sense.  He wouldn’t have come on the show in the first place if the drama between him and Danielle was that bad.  Plus, he’s already won the show once.  He had nothing to lose in a sense.

And after all the crap he pulled on his winning season, there is no way he pissed of producers enough to get himself kicked off the show within the first couple of hours.  No way.

And one last thought, Danielle was extremely irritated and borderline pissed off when BB wouldn’t let her in on where Evil Dick had gone….. if it wasn’t something sudden and tragic like a family member death, she’d have been acting very differently. She would have known that it was merely Dick being a dick……


UPDATE: So there is still a strong possibility that Dick’s brother was killed.  He has made a few statements on his Twitter addressing some of the concerns/rumors.  He didn’t squash this one.

“I will be releasing a public video statement on @RTVZone in the next couple days concerning my departure from the Big Brother House.

But to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don’t have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out.

Don’t bother asking me questions, I won’t be answering… I will let you know when my public statement is posted on @RTVZone.

Thanks for all the concern and well wishes.”

UPDATE 2:  Dick posted his “explanation video”…. he basically said screw you to all of the crazy rumors about why he left.  He says he doesn’t even have a brother.  The only thing he would really say about his reason for leaving, was that something big happened to someone dear to him.  He will not elaborate on what happened to this person.  But that was that.  He wants everyone to kiss his @ss.  So yeah, nothing clear cut.  But I don’t get it.  He’s not giving a real answer.


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  1. Stev Ro says

    But BB supposedly told Dani that immediate family was fine. I would consider an uncle immediate. Not nuclear family, but . . .

    … And now ED has returned to twitter, and has said:
    “: But to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don’t have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out”

    He’s not answering questions until after his video statement in a day or two.

    1. Luck says

      why would he tell danielle before the game ended that would make her go home and why would a dad want their daughter to miss out on a chance like this

  2. Rosemary Van Ess says

    I am so going to miss Evil Dick. He would have really shaken things up. So far no fun. Need someone to be evil. Everyone is having fun and getting along. Boring. LOVE YOU EVIL DICK! You will be missed.

  3. Melissa says

    Evil dick said on his video message that he read poorly that his brother DID NOT die….I think he is not telling the truth and CBS kicked him out for the video…I don’t believe much of what he tells people

  4. Stefani Hutchison says

    I don’t think it is very gracious of Dick to be so nasty to his fans over this. He chose to be on BB and when that happens you become a public figure. It is ok for his to ask for privacy, but there is no call to be rude and nasty to people. I’m personally glad he is gone.

  5. K Simmons says

    He probably did something before entering house that CBS was not ok with.

  6. MauryPopitch says

    People, people, people. If you really want to know why he left, then use your your heads. 1st: During the Sept 11th season, BB waited forever to tell the houseguests, but now they tell Evil D ASAP??? 2nd: And yet wait 8 hours or so to tell Danielle???? 3rd: He went to the diary room and disapeared after posting that video on that website days before entering the house. He violated a contract and then went into the diary room and never came out. 4th: The idea that you can’t fight production. All of that equals what?
    Evil went into the diary on his own or b/c he was called in. He got into an argument with production that went 1 of 2 ways: First: I’ve done what I wanted – so to speak – and now I want off the show. Go back in says they and no says he and 8 hours later, he’s off and Danielle is finally told AFTER BB has had a chance to resolve him.
    Or second: Evil goes in and gets handed down a sanction by BB because of the video. 8 hours later, he is out and Danielle is told.

    End of story. And Evil is trying not to get sue by CBS for violating the term of the contract he signed which he already violated with his no-no video on that stupid site.

    1. Tina says

      What video are you talking about? What video did ED post BEFORE going into the BB house?
      I knew the btoher dying was bullsh*t, they would of told Daniele – DUH.

    2. Luck says

      no use your head big brother said it was a personal issue dipthong when the last person that was kicked out they told everyone immediantly.and he didn’t post that before they record a whole season and then they show on tv america’s vote don’t really count they just want you to think it does

  7. Amber says

    It kinda soounds like someone close to him won the lottery….It sounds stupid. But could be possible

  8. Tiedo says

    Evel Dick was notified that he was sick. It’s not cancer but a life altering syndrome.

    1. alexis says

      he has HIV

  9. No way am I putting my real name here says

    Ok, evil dick is obviously lying because if something happened to someone ‘dear to him’ they would tell Danielle and let her know why her partner in this game is suddenly leaving. I think it’s just evil dick and big brother messing with our minds. It happened like five times already this season so why not complicTe things een mire and get more viewers to get more money? It’s all about the cash ppl, nothing else.

    1. Kimmy says

      Ok, this is bull sh*t. he doesn’t have cancer or another sh*t. People use your heads, there is another twist to the game. I cant believe all of you have to make up petty little lies, If this is another twist great I can’t wait to see him on the show again, also if something did really happen to a dear family member, then Im sorry to hear that. Use your heads people.

      1. follower says

        What’s the real connection between Danielle & Dominick?????

  10. up yours says

    Do you people read the blog before you post? idiots posting the same thing.
    who cares he’s prolly a junkie.

  11. Rj says

    Why did Evil Dick Leave the Big Brother Show…What a bummer…I just quit watching unless I hear He’s Back!!!!!!!!!

  12. Nicole says

    EVEL DICK: Love Love Love him!! Sad to see him go and I do hope that his departure was not for some tragic death of his brother (or other loved one). Best wishes Evel Dick, and I hope you get another opportunity to come back to Big Brother in the future!

  13. IvanaKnow says

    I think he’s a junkie too! He looked grey and sick when he came into the house, and then the new videos of him he looks much much healthier! I bet he was going through withdrawl of whatever drugs he’s been taking. Whatever, I like him too, but I’m sure he wouldn’t have left for anyone but himself.

  14. jackblack says

    My co-worker knows his girlfriend through NA. Apparently she had a relapse and tried to commit suicide. Dick is helping her through her relapse.

    1. jackblack says


      Also, he is told Evil Dick is a junkie and brought drugs into the house and relapsed. The producers don’t want everyone knowing he brought drugs into the house. He was doing heroin.

  15. jbenn says

    I believe that EVIL DICK never intended to stay on the show!!!!!! The show came to them both as to be a couple and one could not go on without the other,,, SOOOOO EVIL DICK really didn’t want to go back on show (with everything he had going on in his WONDERFUL LIFE NOW, post BB, but little old Danielle wanted nothing more then to go back on & grab a little more 5 minutes of fame on T.V. ,, so HER GOOD OLD DADDY, EVIL DICK, said of course, I will help YOU DANNY get on the show, but I am not staying on the show!!!!! I BET anything that he just went along to help her, his daughter, get back on show & he REALLY never meant to stay!!!! WATCH WHAT COMES OUT ABOUT EVIL DICK AFTER SHOW IS OVER!!!!!

  16. JD says

    He’s a junky. Explains his looks, behavior and sad … I knew a couple, and he thought he could maybe detox there with the excitement (maybe sneak som e in and otherwise make a ton of cash and come out clean). It is sad: withdrawal may have been the emergency. That’s my best guess. Hope I am wrong.

  17. mindy woods says

    i wish they would just say why he left its like jfk all over again come on people

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