Casey Anthony & Her Jurors Getting Death Threats

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This is not at all surprising.  It’s exactly what you get when you allow a woman to murder her daughter in cold blood and walk free.  Kill your child, get death threats.  Makes sense. Cheney Mason, Casey Anthony’s lawyer has revealed that she’s been getting death threats as well as her lawyers and the jurors who granted her freedom.

OFFICIAL: Casey Anthony Will Be Released on WEDNESDAY

Casey’s parent shave also been targeted and have allegedly gone in to hiding.

They of course have law enforcement on the case.  Just what we need, more tax dollars wasted on Casey Anthony.  Ugh.

R.I.P. Caylee Anthony

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  1. God says

    Look at that the American Justice system fails again. I hope someone kills her, and trust me she isn’t going to heaven. The person who gets justice for Caylee is going straight to heaven. Caylee doesn’t get her justice because Casey Anthony’s Lawyer fake Mexican Jose looking like a white guy paid off the Jurors.

  2. Bev says

    The evidence was all there…the skank got away with murder. I think someone paid off the jurors. I hope justice is served and she gets what is coming to her….and fast. She doesn’t deserve to have one happy moment.

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