Man Hits Nicki Minaj in the FACE!

Nicki Minaj was “struck”oin the lower lip by a man at a high end hotel in Dallas, TX last night according to the police report, TMZ has revealed.

Minaj was hanging out at the pool at the Palomar Hotel with this guy that was staying with her, we have no clue who this guy is though…. anyhow, they got into an intense argument.  When he headed for their room, Minaj told an employee to call the cops.

Once she was in the room with the guy, he hit her.

When the cops and paramedics arrived, the douche had already run away like a coward.

Minaj will not be pressing any charges and she says that the guys is not her boyfriend.

This is whack! I don’t even know what to think.  I just hope she keeps that guy out of her life.

UPDATE: We’ve got the identity of the jerk HERE!

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