BREAKING NEWS: USC Suspends RB Marc Tyler

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Oh boy.  Here we go again.  USC is in the news again, with yet another unflattering headline.  That school can’t find a positive spotlight, can they?

This time around, USC running back Marc Tyler was suspended by head coach Lane Kiffin because of the comments he made to TMZ, insinuating that USC pays their football players.

Of course now, Tyler is retracting what he said, saying he was only kidding…. when he told TMZ,

“USC … they breakin’ bread!”

Lane Kiffin gave this statement,

“I was very disappointed when I learned of Marc Tyler’s inappropriate comments that were captured by the media last week. That is not the way that we expect our players to represent USC and our team.  I have consulted with athletic director Pat Haden and I am suspending Marc for our upcoming season opener and potentially further, and in the meantime I am also suspending him from all team activities.  Although Marc may find this punishment severe, it is imperative we continue to have a high standard for player behavior. Marc needs to work hard to show us that he can meet the standards of being a USC football player.”

Tyler gave this apology,

“I am disappointed that I let down all the people who have supported me as I have been working through some personal issues.  I realize how my behavior and my statements, even though I was joking, can reflect poorly on so many people … I accept my punishment and I regret that I will miss the opening game of my senior year. “

Hmmmm, what do you think?  Do you think their is any truth behind that “joke”???  Is Kiffin being too harsh?  Drop you opinion in the box below.

You can watch the video that got Marc Tyler suspended HERE.

Photo: ESPN

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