Lindsay Lohan Is Proven INNOCENT

Say what?  Yes.  Lindsay Lohan was just proven innocent.  Not for all of her mishaps.  But, the dude who just took her to small claims court to sue her for not paying him $1,100 in June for a speaker installation at her Venice home and completely destroyed her with evil words has taken it all back.

PHOTO: Lindsay Lohan Has One HOT Hand Bra!

Stephen Clark made a big mistake and says,

 “She paid and I canceled the small claims file.  Lindsay is actually really nice and I think my invoice got mixed up or something.   It’s all good now!”

Good grief.  I’d be suing him.  But Lilo has better things to do and I doubt she wants to spend any more time in a court room.  She’s had more than her fill.  But seriously, what a douche!


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