Casey Anthony Getting Therapy Before First Network Interview

Casey Anthony needs mental help.  We all know that.  But she apparently figured that out too once she got out of the slammer and she wants to get her brain straight (Like that’s possible) before she does her first sit down interview with network television.

Prior to the murder of her daughter, Caylee, she was showing signs of “obvious mental health issues.”  Then of course she’s dealing with the “obvious trauma of losing her child” yeah right.  And lastly, she’s got other mental issues because she was in solitary confinement for three years where she spent 23 hours a day in a 4×9 cell.

Casey Anthony: First Post Jail Gig is Hustler

All of this is supposed to make us feel sympathy for her I guess?  Sorry, I’m not buying.

Her slimy lawyer, Jose Baez will of course still be in talks with networks, etc for scheduling her interview(s) so when she is “stable” she can have all of her money ducks in a row.


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