Kirstie Alley Drops $25,000 On New, Skinny Wardrobe

Kirstie Alley dropped a whopping 90 pounds thanks to the fabulous Dancing With The Stars and now she’s enjoying her new body with a new wardrobe.  One that is all high end designer filled!

One source blabbed to Star,

“Kirstie’s turned into a major clothes horse.  While in NYC this summer, she’s been hitting the high-end stores.”

She dropped about $10,000 at Barneys, a ton on Christian Louboutin shoes, and around $10,000 for all the accessories.  Now that’s my kind of shopping!

The source continued,

“Kirstie hasn’t blinked an eye at cost.  She hasn’t shopped for designer clothes in years. She used to shop at Target for kaftans that could hide her body.  She feels liberated.  Plus, she claims work offers are pouring in, so she’s not worried about breaking the bank for her new look.”

Good for her!  But now the question is… will she keep the weight off this time?  What do you think?

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