Kristin Cavallari Returns Her Ring To Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari wants nothing to do with Chicago Bears QB,  Jay Cutler. After he broke her heart, she is ready for the last “tie” to be cut.  The 5.2 carat ring.  I personally would have sold it, and then went on a fabulous trip with the cash.  Screw him.

Guess Why Jay Cutler Dumped Kristin Cavallari?

One source told Life & Style,

“She offered to give the engagement ring back to Jay, and he took it.  She noticed a change in him.  He suddenly became more supportive of her career. Up till then, he’d always talked about it coming to an end once they got married. It was like Jay knew he was leaving the relationship and didn’t want Kristin to miss out on great opportunities in LA.”

So would you have given the ring back?

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