Casey Anthony Won’t Accept Probation, Begins Appeal

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Casey Anthony.  Ugh. Why won’t she just go away?  In my opinion, and in the opinion on MANY, MANY others, she got away with murder.  She knows it.  But she has no remorse and now this whole probation for check fraud thing has to become a big deal.

OFFICIAL: Casey Anthony Ordered to Return To Orlando

Casey Anthony’s lawyers are appealing the judge’s ruling that she has to serve one year of probation in Florida for check fraud.  They want her to have full credit of the probation being completed while she was behind bars.  Only thing… that’s NOT probation.  How is she supposed to prove herself to be responsible and stay out of trouble if she’s locked up in solitary confinement.  That’s NOT the real world people.

And thanks to some technical mistake by the judge that ruled Casey would not get the credit while in jail, she will  most like get off without serving a single day of probation.

How ridiculous is this?  She won’t even accept a simple year of probation for check fraud.

Casey Anthony is disgusting.


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  1. naybesa says

    how dare you get away with murder and have the nerve to complain about probation

  2. Jamie Gammon says

    I can understand why she doesn’t want to be placed on probation. With all the death threats she has received who would want to go back to the same county where you murdered your child.

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