Bachelor Pad 2: Michelle Money Loses Her Dad and Grandma in 24 Hours

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Michelle Money was on the Brad Womack season of  The Bachelor (2nd one) and she is currently on Bachelor Pad 2.  This time around, she seems much more grounded and together than she did the first time we saw her.

At the beginning of this season, Money revealed that her father was dying of colon cancer and that she wanted to win this season and use the money for cancer research.

Sadly on Sunday, her dad, Scott Edward Cartwright lost his fight with colon cancer.

Michelle Tweeted her thanks for all of the fan support:

“Thank you to all for the love and prayers. My dad loved getting tweets from those of u who did. The suffering is done. He is at peace.  But his life was cut far too short. I am praying that I can use my dads strength and reach out and bring awareness to this awful cancer.  I am humbled and grateful for the blessing of having him as MY father. He is my hero. My family all appreciates your love and support.  I will do all I can to prevent anyone else from having to witness what my family and I have. This I can promise.”

Then only hours later, Michelle shared that her grandma had passed away:

“I’m asking for prayers for my mom. Her mother passed away today. 24 hours after my dad. Heart wrenching. Thank u for all the love.  Thank you thank you thank you. I believe very strongly in the power of prayer. U all have NO IDEA how your tweets give me strength. Thank u.”

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers go out to Michelle and her mom during this tragic time.  This pain is unimaginable.  We are so sorry for your losses.

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