Kardashian Sisters Accused of Selling Knockoff Bags

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Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian are being accused of a huge no-no in the fashion industry…. ripping off a designers design.  Yeah, this is a huge deal people.  This is the kind of thing that will seriously ruin your reputation in the industry and will pretty much make your clients shop elsewhere.

Vera Wang Designing the Kim Kardashian Wedding Gown

Designer Monica Botkier has gone after the Kardashians for creating a knockoff bag from one of her signature bags, the Trigger Clyde satchel.  Hers sells for $600 while the KK one goes for $94 at Sears.

Botkier’s lawyers sent Sears a cease and desist letter and they have since pulled the bag off of their site.

“In a case like this, it’s upsetting because it’s a trademarked shape for us, and people recognize it by sight,” she told WWD. “It’s a lot more complicated because it’s hard for independent designers to do anything against mass retailers or megabrands.”

So check out the photos above… then vote below…. The original on the left, Kardashian brand on the right:

Photo: NYDN

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