Kobe Bryant Attacks a Man in CHURCH

Okay, this could be the fail of the week.  L.A. Lakers star, Kobe Bryant was at the St. Therese of Carmel Church as usual with his wife on Sunday.  Kobe noticed a man with a cell phone, and you know how unusual it is to see a cell phone.  Well, Kobe assumed that the guy was taking pictures of him and his wife with the phone and he went up and ripped it out of his hand.

When Bryant checked out the phone, there were NO photos on it.

Of course now the victim is ready for a payday because his wrist was “injured” during the altercation.  So there is an investigation happening and I am sure this guy will get a nice settlement check from Kobe Bryant.  And you know what?  I love it.  Kobe is a tool and if he wants to behave like that, in church of all places, he needs to pay up.


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