‘Bachelor Pad 2’: Gia Allemand Has a New Man

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Bachelor Pad 2 has already said goodbye to the very sexy, Gia Allemand.  She’s a complete knockout who makes a living modeling and she does it really, really well.  Anyhow, she left the show during the second episode last week on a very emotional note.  She’s been messed with and had her heart crushed more than once thanks to the Bachelor franchise… so she’s found love far from the show this time around.

So who’s the new, lucky guy?  It’s power forward for the Orlando Magic, Ryan Anderson (below.)  Yep, Gia has traded the Bachelor for the NBA!

The happy couple met in of all places, the Bahamas while she was there for a shoot.

Gia said,

“We ended up hanging out every minute I was able to when I wasn’t working.”

Nice, romantic place to start a relationship, eh?  Kind of like being on The Bachelor…. oops!

After this first encounter, Gia was offered a job that required her to move to Florida so she can fly over to the Bahamas on a weekly basis.  Yeah, rough life!

Gia and Ryan are head over heels deep into this six month relationship and she couldn’t be happier as she tells Us,

“Not only was it love at first sight but it seemed like a touch of destiny. We now both live in Orlando and couldn’t be happier. I think I finally found the one!”

Well congrats to Gia on finding happiness.  She’s a sweetheart and I commend her for finding someone far from reality TV.

So what do you think?  Will we be seeing an NBA sized rock on her finger soon?  It worked for Kim Kardashian!  She and Kris Humphries will be walking down in aisle in just hours!

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