Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, What Now?

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Charlie Sheen has been taking his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller under his well off wing for awhile now, in efforts to help her get clean and stay that way.  Since they share twins, Bob and Max, this does make sense.  It just kind of didn’t make sense though at the beginning.  I mean the Warlock, crazy, ranting, Charlie Sheen?  Of course he wasn’t always a nut job.  We used to have a very warm place in our hearts for him.  I know I did.

Charlie Sheen Rescues Brooke Mueller From Mexico, Gets Her in Rehab

So what now?  Brooke and Charlie are divorced.  They have kids together.  Now they are in Mexico together.  Yes.  Mexico.  Charlie rewarded Brooke for her hard work with Bob and Max and for being clean.  So off they went on his private jet for a little vacay in Mexico.  Nice?  Yes.  Safe for those two?  Don’t know.  That is a place I could certainly see them getting into a lot of trouble in.  But on the other hand, they could also just sit around, soaking up the sun, sober…. being waited on with a nice clean staff.  Who knows?

I would love to see these guys keep their heads on straight.  Stay together and make the perfect, happy little family.  Will that actually happen?  I think only time will tell and perhaps this trip to Mexico will be a good test of that.

Photo: TMZ

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