Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Having a Change of Heart?

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This caught a little by surprise.  Things seemed to be ending in a pretty ugly way between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.  I would have assumed that they’d be rushing to file the divorce least that J. Lo would.  But such is not the case.  In fact, no one has even gone for legal separation.

Could these two be having a change of heart?  Or are they just super lazy when it comes to paperwork?  Oh wait, they have lawyers to do that for them…. So, what is the hold up?

Well, Jennifer and Marc met up in NYC after Lopez made the request.  An insider told Life & Style,

“She asked Marc whether they could talk.  Jennifer acts so tough, but she’s hurting. She doesn’t like being single, and she and Marc are on a roller coaster right now.   Jennifer kept breaking up and going back to Diddy and Ben Affleck. Maybe she’ll do the same with Marc.”

Whoaa!  Do you think this could be the case?  I can’t believe that Jennifer would be worried about getting another guy… that is not a reason to stay with Marc.  He always seemed like a little weasel to me.  But who knows…. I guess we will wait for a reconciliation headline like Jesse James and Kat Von D… or one that reveals the papers have been filed.

Stay tuned.

Photo: FOX

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