Jessica Biel Joins The Channing Tatum Stripper Flick, Magic Mike

Talk about topping the must see list!  First off, if you’re unaware, the oh so sexy Channing Tatum is a former male stripper.  It was a short lived gig before his acting days took off, but right about now, we are so thankful that he did it.

Why?  Because they are making a movie about it!  Yes.  A full length movie loaded with all the eye candy one can handle.  Magic Mike is going to begin production in Tampa, Florida next month.  Wouldn’t love to be on the set of that one?

So far the cast includes: Channing Tatum, Jessica Biel, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey.

So the way the casting goes, Biel will be the love interest of Mike Martingano (Tatum), Matthew will be a retired stripper at the club (though we are hoping he has to “teach” a few lessons) Riley Keough will play a younger dancer, Zora, and then Alex Pettyfer will be ‘The Kid’.  Sounds “beautiful”, right?

There are a few other names floating around the rumor mill but we will hold out till we get confirmation.  It’s getting hot in here!

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