Wedding Day Circus: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

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Kim Kardashian is marrying Kris Humphries today in a fairytale-ish wedding.  I mean, when it comes down to a total cost of $29 million, it’s better be like a fairytale.  But when you actually look at what it must cost for the kind of security she’s insisted on… metal detectors, pat downs, no cell phones, helicopters, and security all over the grounds, well, that starts to suck the romance out of the fairytale.

The tabloids are trying to play the angle that Kim and Kris are making a ton of money on the wedding.  Why?  Because People Mag won the bidding war for their wedding album, a nice $1.5 million.  And then of course they also coughed up $300,000 for the announcement of the engagement in May.  And don’t forget that Ok! paid them $100,000 for the bridal shower pics.

Sure that’s a lot of money.  But hello… this wedding is still $29 million.  I am sure that E! will be footing a nice chunk of this bill since it’s going to be airing the wedding at a later date.  But wow.  I just can’t get over the $29 million.  You’d think that this was the Royal Wedding all over again.  Only, there’s no royalty anywhere to found!

Did you know that that Kim and Kris won’t be flying off for a honeymoon either?  Kim has to get to NYC right away to start filming the second season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.  So, honeymoon is on hold… FOR A YEAR.

This marriage better last.

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