LOOK: The Matt Hardy Mug Shot Is ALL WRONG

Former TNA wrestler, Matt Hardy was busted for DWI on Saturday after crashing his Corvette into a tree in the middle of the day.  TNA wrestling didn’t hesitate to drop him from the organization following the arrest.  It seems that he was already on suspension and this was the final straw.  you can see the official statement HERE.

Well, TMZ finally got the mugshot up this morning and wow.  Look at Matt’s face.  His eyes say it all.  I can’t believe that he was even awake behind the wheel…. oh wait, maybe he wasn’t.  Maybe he passed out behind the wheel and that’s how he crashed into a tree.

Either way, when the results come back from his blood test regarding his BAC, he’s going to be totally screwed.  I hope the judge throws the book at him.  That is being a danger to society.  Plain and simple.


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