Ray J Still Bragging About His Kim K Conquest

Yeah.  that’s classy.  Ray J is the guy who really thrust Kim Kardashian into the spotlight with their very famous sex tape.  During her wedding, Ray J was in the middle of a performance in Las Vegas.  When he was asked how he felt about Kim marrying Kris Humphries, he replied:

“I did that.”

He wouldn’t open up any further than that.  But I think that was pretty low.  Couldn’t he have given the usual, “I’m happy for her.”  Or “She’s a sweet girl, I wish her the best.”???

I am sure that Kim will be extremely offended but not surprised but Ray J’s remarks.  But I’d like to point out…. his comment is past tense….. he DID… Mr. Humphries is DOING that.  Nuff said.

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