Bachelor Pad 2: Kasey vs Jake

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Oh my goodness.  Last night was a very, “interesting” and FULL episode of Bachelor Pad 2.  I wasn’t bored for a minute!  The synchronized swimming competition was hilarious.  The guys were SO impressive and well, the ladies were a total train wreck.  I couldn’t stop laughing at how bad they were!  Ha!

Did you love how bad of a loser Vienna is?  She can’t handle anything!  I think she and Rachel from Big Brother would be a really good match.  Drama.

Then how about Vienna being all sweet to Jake in the kitchen and seeming very genuine… her “I’m terrified of that man..” crap is simply that.  Crap.   So Kasey flipping out on her and that whole knock down, drag out fight was seriously annoying.  They are SO wrong for each other.  Kasey’s voice and Vienna’s eyes… OMG.  Their personalities are so conflicting.  It’s all wrong.  Then him giving her the “promise” ring and singing that horrible song at the end of the episode.  how can he not realize that he can’t speak well much less sing.  Isn’t there a surgery for that?   I can’t take the guy seriously!

I am with the majority of the house.  Kasey and Vienna running the show is getting really old and I wish that the power would shift already.  In true reality TV fashion, they tried to end the episode on a cliff hanging note.  The last name you hear Chris Harrison say for the final rose at the rose ceremony was “Kasey.”  So we would assume that means that Kasey got the rose.  So why end it like that?  Is there something more to it?  Was Chris pulling a Ryan Seacrest and finished the sentence with….”you are going home tonight.” ??  This is obviously what ABC wants.  They want us talking and it’s working.

Who do you think went home?  Kasey or Jake?  Jake looks like the more obvious answer, right?

Who do HOPE went home?  Are you as sick of the Vienna/Kasey control as I am?

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  1. Jo says

    Because the show ended on a cliffhanger (and only because of that) and didn’t show the rose ceremony the usual way, I think Kasey is the one going home. Otherwise, they would have showed us exactly how things went down. They just added a little mystery to this episode! With some minor editing, here is what I think happened — Jake’s name was called next to get the final rose, but we weren’t shown that scene. When we heard Chris Harrison say KASEY and then the scene was cut, it was AFTER Jake had received the final rose, and he was getting Kasey’s attention to tell him that he needed to say his goodbyes and go home. At least in my version of the show, this is how it happened (lol). I can only hope. :o) Kasey and Vienna are the ones who need to go home, especially Vienna! Every episode, all I hear is JAKE THIS and JAKE THAT. Seems like Jake is on her mind, rather than the other way around. Wake up Vienna — Jake does not want you! Get over yourself already!!!!

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