PHOTOS: Tony Hawk Wrecks, Loses A Tooth

OUCH!  That is the first though that comes to mind when you lok at these photos of skateboarding legend, Tony Hawk.  He was in the middle of a doubles session at Kona State Park in Florida yesterday when he wiped out and jacked up his front tooth pretty bad.

He Tweeted:

“Oops, doubles with Staab went wrong at Kona. Anyone know a good dentist in Savannah? <– not a joke.”

Now the update… he’s minus the tooth altogether.  Ahhh!!  He Tweeted the pic below with the caption:

“My new look.”

Do you think he’s really going to stay like that?  Will he not get a fakey put in?  OMG.  I just can’t handle it.  He looks like a hillbilly!

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