Casey Anthony Getting Protection For Florida Probation

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Casey Anthony reported to the Florida Department of Corrections this morning to begin serving one year for her check fraud conviction.  Her lawyers were previously trying to get the judge to allow her to serve her time in another state because Florida is too dangerous for her. That didn’t pan out, so she appeared this morning.  But, she did get the department on her side, in a way.

The FDOC gave TMZ this statement:

“The court has directed us to keep confidential the offender’s residence or any information that could lead to the discovery of her location because of the death threats against her.  Therefore, she will not be identified in our database, nor will her probation officer’s name or probation location be made public.”

So, they are going to not make her whereabouts public, but she’s still going to have to remain there for the full one year term.  I would expect that she will not be leaving her residence without a major disguise on and well, she probably will have some sort of bodyguard or security team in place.  I just can’t imagine it being my job to PROTECT Casey Anthony.  Yeah, I couldn’t do it.

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