Big Brother 13: Ready To Choke Out Shelly

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I was so looking forward to watching last night’s episode of Big Brother 13.  I of course keep up to date with the Big Brother After Dark feeds, so I knew that Danielle was going to be sent packing courtesy of Big Jeff.  But I was super excited to see who would get the boot next.

What the episode didn’t show us, was the major blowup that happened between Jeff and Shelly because she flipped on Jeff and Jordan.  Thanks to Dani, she switched sides and decided to take out Jeff and Jordan.  Um, that’s normal game play.  EXCEPT when you have spent 55 days brown nosing and committing your undying love and loyalty to someone.  Shelly did nothing but “love on” Jeff and Jordan only to flip and stab them in the back.

I was already annoyed by Shelly and her menopausal emotions.  But I lost all respect for her as a human being after watching her do that to her “friends”.  She VOTED OUT Jeff.  During the double elimination, she had the chance to redeem herself and vote to keep him.  But no.  She’s a lying, back stabbing wench and she’s got a truckload of BAD karma headed her way.

I’d also like to note that her husband and daughter have got to be SO disappointed in her.  She’s dug her own grave and now has to live with the horrible reputation she’s built for herself.

On another note, I thought that Big Jeff was so adorable all fired up when he was being interviewed by Julie Chen.  I felt so bad for Jordan.  After the show concluded and the After Dark feed began, she and Rachel had to pack up all of Jeff’s stuff since he didn’t get a chance to do so.  At one point Jordan said, “I’m gonna pack this bottle of wine for him, I know he’s gonna get drunk tonight at the hotel.”  How cute is that?  

Rachel was just as upset as Jordan.  They both cried their eyes out.

Things aren’t looking good for them either.  Their only hope is winning HOH.  Adam looks like he’s going to side with Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly.  So Jordan and Rachel are going to have to fight for their lives till the end. 

I am truly hoping that this doesn’t end with a final three of people I cannot stand.  It’s happened before and I would hate to see that happen again.

Go Jordan and Rachel!!!

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  1. Deanna Wahl says

    I completely agree with everything you said…. This season looks like its about to be won by the most boring non-players to ever play the game. Ugg. As for Shelly, who has won NOTHING, she turned her back on the two people who have kept her safe (even voting Brendon out over her), because she feels like she has no shot at winning the game against them in the end. What she fails to realize is by her flipping, she most likely lost the four vets vote (if all are in the jury) and the only way she ‘might’ get votes is if she is up against Adam in the end… and even thats iffy. The key to BB, that many fail at, is not staying true to your alliance until it gets to the point where it is each man for themselves… Shelly tried to play the whole house and even called rachel out for her lying, when she has to be one of the biggest lying snakes to play the game. Thanks for letting me vent! LOL! Just so happy to see someone who feels exactly as I do! Jordan or Rachel for the win!!! 🙂

    1. Flynn says

      Porshe, Kalia, Shelly and Adam- are easily the most boring four players I have seen on BB. Shelly constantly was crying about how she didn’t know how people could change so much in the game. She kept talking about outside of the house she’s the boss. She also hinted that she didn’t need the money. Jeff is a all time great in Big Brother, Jordan is adorable. After watching Shelly, in her purple room break down, when Jeff was upseet because he had told her the answer to the food question acting so crazed that Jeff thought she could of thrown the competition then stabbed Jeff in the back. Yes Shelly is an all time loser in every Big Brother competition. Porshe sleeps more than a cat. Kalia is a bore as well, who ultimately was able to push Jeff out with Shelly’s terrible move as a person and a game player. I’m sorry this easily is the WORST season of Big Brother I have ever seen. When Brendon got voted in, just to go back out, or when he gave the veto up so Rachel could cause the drama CBS wants. These girls, including Dani have just sat back and talked about other house guest like it is high school each week, til they get the unpopular kid out. The fact is the 50/50 competitions we’ve seen Kalia win by pushing a button are nothing compared to some of the competitions we’ve seen in the past.

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