Big Brother 13: Shelly Moore Death Threat Scandal

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In my last post on Big Brother 13, I vented about my distaste for Shelly Moore and the way she has played the game.  She’s the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen play the games.  She’s a disgusting liar and she should be ashamed of herself.  One more thing she is?  The most hated house guest in the show’s history.

Big Brother 13: Ready To Choke Out Shelly

For the first time ever, a contestant’s family is receiving crazy threats!  The insane fans have been harassing her family, even making threats against her daughter, Josie (8.)

Shelly’s boss is even getting calls demanding that they fire Shelly for what she’s been doing on the show.  Um, get real people.  Sure, Shelly Moore is a lousy person.  Her true colors are coming out.  But that doesn’t mean she should lose her job or that her family should be harmed.  Get a grip!

Shelly will have to pay for her bad choices on the show for the rest of her life.  This is the reputation she’s make for herself and once she’s out and see’s the backlash, she’s going to be crushed.  Shelly will be filled with more regret and remorse than she knows what to do with and that will be punishment enough.

The Executive Producer of Big Brother,  Allison Grodner went to Twitter to try and put a stop to the crazy threats:

“No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!”

Shelly’s family is obviously freaked out and is ready to get the FBI involved if the threats don’t stop.  I can’t say that I blame them.

Still don’t like Shelly though.


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  1. Rick says

    Since when is it against the rules to vote out Jeff? I’ve watched a few BB seasons and lying and backstabbing is not something new. So from now on should potential contestants be concerned that if they are playing in a reality gameshow with Jeff, that his fans may try and ruin their lives.

    By the way I’m not a fan of hers, I’m just saying.

  2. Matt says

    I have really enjoyed the way shelly has played Big Brother. She has made some moves to get bigger threats out of the house and has showed good manipulation when needed. It pisses me off that people in this country take reality tv as serious as to make a death threat towards someone’s family. The woman was trying to win the game, same as everyone else. I hope the FBI does get invoived, and I hope the Moore family makes a spectacle of these morons, as the majority of the Big Brother fan base has done to her.

  3. jane says

    I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Shelly this season, but regardless of my feelings towards her, the fact of the matter is, without her this season would have been way more boring than it is. Shelly did play both sides of the house & did it perfectly for weeks; that’s not something many have done. She could have kept doing it had she not voted out Jeff a week ago, but that was a big move & seems to me like she’s owning that.
    I don’t think Shelly is a lousy person; I don’t think “reality” tv is a true measure of someone’s character – it is tv & in this case, the contestants are mere players in a game.
    I am a HUGE Jeff & Jordan fan, but would NEVER stoop to the level that it seems many have. Or not. Hopefully the nuts that are harassing her family are just a few & will be arrested. I’m 100% sure that every BB houseguest would be outspoken regarding this matter.
    If someone gets this upset over a game, then they need to turn off the t.v. and computer and get a life!

  4. hunter says

    No offense but you are taking the game too far as well. I mean quote ” Shelly Moore is a lousy person. Her true colors are coming out. “? A lousy person? C’mon! She is playing a game show that is intended to make the contestants lie, manipulate each other and back stab. Shelly played the game very well to keep her options open and made her move when it was time to play the game for herself, She wasn’t playing for Jeff and Jordan. Her rational that neither Jeff or Jordan was going to take her to the F2 if they all were in the F3 is sound. Y’all want to wait for the last minute, like the F4 or F5 to make her move? By then it would’ve been too late. She needed to back stab while she still could get allies onto her side, before they were voted out. I only fault her for not making it earlier.

    You saying that “Shelly will have to pay for her bad choices on the show for the rest of her life. This is the reputation she’s make for herself and once she’s out and see’s the backlash, she’s going to be crushed.” says more about you than her. It is a game show! Did she drink & drive and run someone over killing them? No she made a game move against popular contestants to further herself in the game. Shocking! Further, it was the smart move to get rid of a player more powerful than herself before more potential allies were voted out. The unforeseeable instance of Pandora’s Box tripped her up.

    “Big Brother” and its sister game “Survivor” are distorting mirrors of people’s character. With a few exceptions no one should be judge on what they say or do on a reality game show (the few exceptions include lying by saying someone is a child molester or some other horrendous criminal to the houseguest or physically attacking a person outside of physical self defense, like when Evel Dick pored water on Jen’s head in BB8) . Usually the only people who come out likable are the ones who don’t make big moves in the game and just float or “draft” (attach themselves to a strong player doing what they say, not even discussing strategy wt them but just following instructions). They can be liked by everyone because they do nothing.

    “She’s a disgusting liar and she should be ashamed of herself”? Really? For making a game move? Save such vitriol for the likes of Bernie Madoff. None of us know Shelly Moore even if we watched the live feeds 24/7. To say she is a “lousy person” for making a game move like she had literally stabbed Jeff & Jordan and left them for dead in the side of the road. I think you need to reassess your own opinions as well. The kooks who harassed Shelly’s family just took the illusion of knowing her a step further than you but they and you are suffering from the same illness: Taking this game far too seriously and judging people’s character by a damn game made to forced people to lie in order to win prize money.

    I guess it must be said but I am *not* a Shelly fan. Ironically I would’ve have minded if Jordan won again if she won a few competitions. I wonder what she would think of her fans who done this to Shelly’s family in her name? Or even fans that share your opinion of Shelly?

    We all feel the illusion of thinking we know these people to some extent or another because of what we see on the screen but we don’t, no more than the obsesed fans of a movie or TV actor..The contestants of a reality show aren’t actors in the traditional meaning of the word; however, they aren’t the reality of that person either, but a caricature of that person.

    We must remember than even if we love to “hate” them, the moment we start to think of a person on a game show in terms of them being a “lousy person”-or even a great one-and meaning it, it will be time to step back and take a breath and take a chill pill.


    1. Nikki Leigh says

      Shelly took it too far. Yes, this game always brings the lying and backstabbing. But you don’t normally have a “mom” type on there, swearing her loyalty up and down while pouring buckets of tears and “acting” emotionally invested. She is unstable and not trustworthy, at all. She was wrong. Period. Her “game” as really, really dirty.

      I don’t hink of myself as taking the game too far. I am disgusted by what Shelly Moore did and I am voicing that…… I’m allowed. Just like you are being allowed to voice your thoughts here.

      At the end of all of this, how many people out there do you think would have Shelly’s back? I don’t think her daughter would even support her actions.

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