PHOTOS: ‘Bachelor Pad 2’ Justin Rego ‘Rated-R’ Gets Busted Nose From Cast Mate!

Justin Rego aka ‘Rated-R’ built himself a lousy reputation on Ali Fedotowski’s season of The Bachelorette.  Then he got the boot immediately on this season of Bachelor Pad.  So the fact that he had the stones to show up at the wrap party in a Hollywood nightclub on Wednesday night is kind of surprising.  Wait, who am I kidding.  The guy has zero braincells…. this is quite typical.

Anyhow, he got in the middle of a scrap between Graham Bunn and Blake Julian when Graham punched Rego in the nose!

Rego came out of it with the war wounds and Graham was simply escorted out.

Graham’s rep said,

“It was nothing, just boys being boys.”

Whatever the case, I commend Graham for doing something we all wish we could do.  I am sure Ali enjoyed this story!


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