2011 – NFL Schedule – Week 2

Okay.  So the first week into the 2011-12 NFL season had quite a few surprises.  The Colts fans have all gone into hibernation thanks to Peyton Manning being OUT for the season, the Steelers embarrassed themselves huge, the Raiders won, Tom Brady threw for over 500 yards, rookie Cam Newton threw for over 400 yards, there were a few season ending injuries, and oh so much more.  This could turn out to be a really crazy season!

Here is what we’ve got lined up for week 2:

NFL – Regular Season – Week 2

Sunday – Sept. 18th

Kansas City at Detroit 1:00 PM

Oakland at Buffalo 1:00 PM

Tampa Bay at Minnesota 1:00 PM

Chicago at New Orleans 1:00 PM

Baltimore at Tennessee 1:00 PM

Cleveland at Indianapolis 1:00 PM

Jacksonville at NY Jets 1:00 PM

Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM

Arizona at Washington 1:00 PM

Green Bay at Carolina 1:00 PM

Dallas at San Francisco 4:05 PM

San Diego at New England 4:15 PM

Houston at Miami 4:15 PM

Cincinnati at Denver 4:15 PM

Philadelphia at Atlanta 8:20 PM


Monday – Sept. 19th 

St. Louis at NY Giants 8:30 PM

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