Jersey Shore: The Situation Caught on Video!!!

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Jersey Shore star, The Situation just pulled a big no-no. He parked his Ferrari all crooked and blocked a handicap spot. Of course there was a video camera there to capture the moment of an elderly man have to park elsewhere and hobble his way around Sitch’s car to get into the building.

Now that’s some negative PR….ouch!


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What do you think? Was that messed up or do you think it should slide?

UPDATE: The Sitch has now apologized saying that he was in a rush to get into the bank before it closed and did a sloppy parking job.  He feels really bad…. you buyin’ in?

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  1. Joyce Ward says

    I’m also handicapped. He was rude and thinks his banking was more important than the man that needed the space. On the other hand I have been wondering for years, why is there always 100 parking spaces and only 2 or 3 handicap spaces every place you go. I never get one. I usually have to park so far away that there was times I had to leave and come back the next day. I don’t understand how they decide that??? California seemed to be one of the few places that had a lot more handicap spaces. I know have my husband take me and drop me off if there isn’t a space. He has had bi pass surgery and broke his neck in an auto accident this year. God Bless he still drops me off and walks in after parking at the least 3 rows back.

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