Jersey Shore: Snooki and Deena Make Out, Big Time

Last night’s episode of The Jersey Shore Italy showed a bit of a new side to Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi and her bestie, Deena Cortese.  While at a nightclub the two ladies started to kiss, then it turned into a full on make out session.

Sammi was shocked asking,

“Deena, are you a lesbian?”

JWoww was completely freaked out by the PDA,

“Nicole and Deena are digesting each other’s tongues.  I am so skeeved out, I want to throw up.”

The girls didn’t stop the tonsil hockey on the way home either… it continued in the cab.

Sammi said,

“They’ve been making out for three hours. I don’t even make out this long with Ron.”

Insinuating that there might be a lesbian in the house, JWoww added,

“This isn’t just your average girl make-out session.”

So what do you guys think?  Are Snooki and Deena bi?  We know they are full on lesbians… they have way too much boy time for that.  Or was that just a hammered night on the town and they just happened to start making out with each other and would have done so with anyone that night?