Big Brother 13: Rachel and Brendon Weekend Wedding is OFF

Big Brother 13 winner, Rachel Reilly and her fiancee, Brendon Villegas told TMZ that they were going to get married this weekend in Vegas.  Well, that wedding never happened and it seems that Rachel was just drunk and yapping.

They do have a plan though.  Rachel is buying a condo for them in Los Angeles and will be shopping around to different networks to see if someone wants to do their wedding as a reality show and have them foot the bill!  I have no idea if this will actually work for them.  Who knows though…we’ve definitely seen stranger things happen with reality TV!

Would you watch the wedding on TV?  Of course Big Brother fans would be all over it.  But would that be enough to entice a network to hop on board?

We will keep you posted… it could end up being a quickie Vegas wedding at the end, but not if Rachel works her magic on the right producer…..

Stay tuned!

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