Dancing With The Stars Week 2 Results Show – Sept. 27th

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So last night was a great night on Dancing With The Stars.  The celebs were (for the most part) already showing great improvement from the week before and each did either the Jive or Quickstep.  Plus there was all the buzz about Nancy Grace and her big ‘ole nip slip.  Hey… it happens to the best of us.  But she sure is sweating it, isn’t she?!

Anyhow, another star will be sent packing tonight, and as I mentioned in my recap post, I think it should be Chaz.  I just don’t think those knees are going to last anyhow, so why stay?  That’s just my thoughts, but who do you think should get the boot?

We’ve got Ricki Lake at the top of the leader board and Chaz Bono at the bottom.  If I was putting money on it, I’d say Elisabetta or Chaz.

Tonight we are going to see Demi Lovato and The Script perform.  Can’t wait for those!

Refresh the page and we will have the results up as soon as they are announced!

UPDATE: The bottom 3 were, Chaz, Elisabetta, and David.  Chaz was the first one safe…. then Elisabetta was sent home.  Not really surprised.  She was way too stiff and there was zero chemistry on the dance floor.  Congrats to everyone else!

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