Kim Kardashian Smolders For Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Kim Kardashian is gracing another magazine cover. This time it is for Harper’s Bazaar in Arabia.  As if Kim ever looks dull on any cover…. this is another gorgeous shot. She shared the cover as soon as she got her copy saying,

“OMG! I was just sent my Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover and I had to share it with you guys!!! This is my first cover in the Middle East and I so pleased with how it turned out! Do you guys like it?  The amazing John Russo was the photographer! We went with a stars theme and I got to wear some of the most gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dresses.”

Yeah… that’s gotta be one of the best perks of that kind of fame.  The opportunity to wear the best of the best in fashion.  You go girl.


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