The Tupac Sex Tape

It’s another week!  It’s time for another sex tape.  This is one of the most shocking ones to date, only because it’s of the late Tupac Shakur.  We are quite accustomed to our everyday celebrities getting caught on tape doing the nasty, but this one is different.

The tape was filmed was in 1991 at a house party.  There were of course a bunch of groupies in the house, and I think it’s safe to assume, one of them is the girl we see on her knees, “bobbing for apples” for Tupac.

The peeps at TMZ have watched the tape and it’s definitely him.  If you’d like the more detailed info. on the tape, click HERE.

The owner of the tape is going to release it, we can assume they are just waiting for the proper price tag first.

Stay tuned.


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