FIRST LOOK! Dr. Seuss’ Once-ler From ‘Lorax’ Revealed!


Entertainment Weekly has hooked us up with the  first look at the Once-ler in the Dr. Seuss’ classic, The Lorax. He is voiced by Ed Helms… and he’s not even evil!

“Instead, he’s a misguided, fresh-faced young man, whose destructive actions warp not only his world, but eventually himself,” EW says.

Illumination CEO Christopher Meledandri says,

“The minute you make the Once-ler a monster, you allow the audience to interpret that the problem is caused by somebody who is different from me, and it ceases to be a story that is about all of us. Then it’s a story about, ‘Oh I see, the person who led us into the predicament is not a person. It’s somebody very, very different.’ And so it takes you off the hook.”

This is going to be huge at the box office come March 2, 2012.  I personally can’t wait!

Check out the photos below… you can see the classic images from the book and then the shots from the upcoming movie.


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