PHOTOS: Katie Holmes is RED HOT For Marie Claire

Katie Holmes is the red hot cover girl for Marie Claire in the November 2011 issue.  The cover is gorgeous… and the shoot inside the mag is stunning.  I love it when Katie brings out her sexy side.

She chatted with the mag about the future:

“I feel ready…for the next chapter of my life. I’m excited to begin a new phase: roles I might have been afraid to play before, places I want to travel to with my daughter. I’d like to build the design business.  But not too fast.”

“I’m thinking about getting rid of my [mobile phone]. Wouldn’t it be great to have an old-fashioned phone sheet? Go to your office, make your calls, and then continue with your day?”

Grab a copy of Marie Claire on October 25th and read the full interview…’s fab!

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