Lindsay Lohan Shows Off ALL of Her ‘Goods’ For Playboy

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UPDATE: The FULL spread is now online HERE…..

Well why not, right?  Lindsay Lohan has made headlines for countless reasons.  Why not add to them with a little nudity.  Rather, a lot of nudity.  It has been confirmed that the troubled actress is going to be stripping it all off for an upcoming issue of Playboy.

Now why on earth would someone who’s trying to clean up their image and get their serious career back on track want to get booty naked for all the world to see?  Well maybe for Lindsay it’s a last ditch effort at trying to earn new fans?  I mean you know all of the Playboy subscribers will be loving her spread.  And yes, she’s going all the way with it… but of course she’s insisting that is will be classy and tastefully done.  Not sure how those two words mix with the term Playboy.  But whatev.  We know the drill.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Gets New Ink

Then this morning, we got the report that a sex toy company is offering Lilo a million buck to let them make molds of her woman parts to create lifelike, realistic sex toys of her goods.  Um, yuck.  That is so nasty, I can’t believe that there is a woman who would allow that.  Oh wait, the porn stars already do this.  What a sick, sick world we have.  So is Lindsay going to take this offer as well.  No.  Not as of yet anyhow.  If she wants to retain any sort of respect from anyone, she better keep the “mold” from her lower region….

So tell us… will you guys be interested in seeing Lindsay’s Playboy issue?  Would you ever buy one of her sex toys…. if she did it?  We will get you more deets and of course some pics when we get more on the Playboy spread.


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