Lindsay Lohan Jailhouse UPDATE! = NO JAIL TIME AT ALL

Oh my.  The haters are going to flip their lids on this one.  This morning Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail for which she was only going to have to serve an actual 6 days, which is 20% of the sentence thanks to the overcrowding.  Well, as it turns out, Lindsay is not going to be serving any time at all.  She will simply be booked an released.  So yeah, another mug shot, but that’s about it.  Why is this?  Well, according to the L.A. County Sheriff Department, the law is on Lilo’s side.  If the sentence is under 90 days and it’s a misdemeanor, inmates must be immediately released after they are booked because of that pesky overcrowding issue.

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So yeah, Lindsay Lohan is going to be living life as usual, no jail time to interrupt that.  Well, she does still have a lot of time to put in at the morgue, but she seems to be handling that really well.

Oh and don’t forget the whole Playboy shoot that she’s finishing up this week.  That’s bringing her a nice $1 million payday.

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