NASCAR: Jeremy Mayfield Arrested For METH – MUG SHOT

Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield (42) just let his fans (what are left of them) down once again.  Sure, he hasn’t raced since 2009, thanks to failing a drug test (he was suspended), but does that change the fact that is bringing more bad press to his former profession.

Mayfield had cops at his door last night in North Carolina with a search warrant after they got a call that he had stolen property in his home, WBTV is reporting.  That is when cops found methamphetamine in the house.  That of course arrested him on the spot.  Well, that’s much more exciting than stolen property, isn’t it?

Oh and you know what?  Mayfield is calling this whole thing a conspiracy!  What?!

It’s sad to see these professionals go down that ugly path.

Mayfield is out on a $3,000 bail bond.

UPDATE: Mayfield also had FORTY guns removed from his home.  The cops are investigation whether or not they are his, and if they are properly registered.  Wow.  It just keeps getting better.

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