‘X Factor’ Gets a Second Season Already! Voting Begins TONIGHT!

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First of all, I thrilled to announce that X Factor officially has a second season in their future!  FOX has ordered a second season and you know there will be many more after that too.  I am not the only one jumping for joy either.  Simon Cowell is on the happy train with me:

“I am absolutely thrilled with the news.  I have loved making the show and I want to thank FOX, our sponsors and most importantly, the fans for supporting THE X FACTOR.”

Okay, so we know our new favorite show is secure.  Now let’s talk tonight!  The fan voting begins tonight!  We’ve got the top 12 and they are going to sing their hearts out for us on the live show.  After it’s over, it’s time to vote.  There are a lot options for voting for X Factor contestants, a lot more than we are used to with American Idol!

Twitter at twitter.thexfactorusa.com

Verizon Touch Voting on The Xtra Factor App on Verizon Android devices

toll-free calling

text messaging for Verizon Wireless customers

online at TheXFactorUSA.com

Facebook  at Facebook.com/TheXFactorUSA

So pretty much you have no excuse for not voting for your favorite!  VOTE VOTE VOTE!  Don’t let the best slip through.  And remember, this is NOT Dancing With The Stars, this is isn’t a popularity contest.  This is all about THE X FACTOR!

Enjoy the show tonight and we will see you here on Hollywood Hiccups tomorrow to discuss!

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