Kim Kardashian Leaves Kris, Returns to Reggie Bush?

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Now this wouldn’t surprise me at all either.  Kim Kardashian is having the toughest PR battle of her life.  So if she’s even considering getting back together with her ex, Reggie Bush, she better think again.  Kim was in Australia yesterday where she apparently had a breakdown and had to bail on all of her engagements after her first interview.  Why?  Perhaps because she couldn’t take the heat.  Her soon to be second ex-husband, Kris Humphries is up in Minnesota “mourning” his failed marriage and Kim is out jet-setting, promoting herself her brand.  Doesn’t make her look too good does it?  No.  So what do you do?  Stage a breakdown, cancel your engagements, and head home to deal with the “drama.”  How could Kim let Kris look like the bigger person?  She couldn’t.  I am sure her mom, Kris Jenner has been awake for days trying to plot a way to save Kim’s reputation.

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This whole marriage this has turned into the biggest fiasco we’ve seen in a long time.  How long will it take to go away?  Who knows.  Not soon enough, right?

Anyhow, where does Reggie come into all of this now?  Well, leading up to the wedding, Reggie was allegedly having a really hard time with it because he never really got over Kim.  Maybe that’s why he’s been dating her look-a-like.  Anyhow, rumor has it that Kim never really was over Reggie either and my money is on those two getting back together.  But you know Kris Jenner is going to make sure that Kim doesn’t make that move just yet.  All she cares about is their brand image, no matter how fake it is.  So wait… you will see… Kim and Reggie will get together soon.  It’s just a matter of time.


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