Kris Humphries Let’s Go of His Marriage

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Kris Humphries was wanting to fight for his marriage.  He wasn’t ready to let go and let Kim Kardashian just throw away something that he held sacred.  The marriage vows meant something more to him.  Well, that was the case.  But after a whole four days since his soon-to-be ex-wife, Kim filed the divorce papers, he’s thrown in the towel.

Kris was spotted in Minnesota yesterday sans his ring.  Sure, he’s been pictured without it, even when they were still together, but since the drama began, he’s been wearing it publicly.  Till now.

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I’d say that’s a sure sign that he’s officially done trying and perhaps trying to move on with his life.

What do you think his future love/dating life will be like?  I can only imagine awkward conversations.  How do you get around the elephant in the room (Kim Kardashian) in your conversations?  And how about that it’s going to be a long time before Kris can afford another engagement ring.

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  1. jimmina says

    ur rite move on and tanx god ur out of the kadashian hell ….peace

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