Cameron Diaz and Diddy Doin’ The Nasty!

We know that Cameron Diaz is into sex.  Casual sex.  She’s not one to settle down and get married, she likes to have fun, and she’s like men.  A lot.  This is why she and A-Rod lasted as long as they did’  They are both players.  So, going tback to a guy she once hooked up with back in 2008, Cameron is hooking up with Diddy.  Yep.  They have been spotted out at several different spots together… from meals together to walks in the park.

Cameron Diaz Is A Very ‘Bad Teacher’ (Trailer)

They are just having fun.  Friends with benefits I’d say.  And actually, it makes complete sense.  Don’t expect to ever see Cameron Diaz with a baby bump and bling on her finger.  I think she will be a life long player.  It makes her happy.

What do you guys think?