Justin Bieber CONFIRMS He’s Getting DNA Test and SUING Mariah Yeater

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Watch out Mariah Yeater!  Justin Bieber and his legal team are getting ready to eat you for lunch.  He’s currently in Europe right now with his gorgeous girlfriend, Selena Gomez.  But, as soon as he arrives back in the States, he’s heading out to an already selected lab to have a DNA test to prove that he is NOT the paternal father of Yeater’s 3-month-old son.

After the proof is on the table, Justin Bieber and his crew of lawyers will be suing the heck out of Yeater for this bogus claim.  They are out to prove a point…. you can’t just go make up crap like this, bring this kind of embarrassment and stress to any celebrity you feel like and get away with it.

All I can say is thank goodness!  We have been waiting and wondering how long it would take Bieber to law down the law and shut this crazy trailer trash freak up!

DNA tests don’t lie…. Mariah Yeater does.

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  1. Carolyn says

    If that phoo is Mariah Yeater then how could anyone believe that Bieber would have gotten a child with her? The studs all over and the werd looking eyes would sure turn most of us off. I am glad he is getting DNA test done and suing as people should stop trying to get nuisance suits going and to lie about a young man is nasty. Though Bieber and Selena have been getting quite close on the beaches.
    I would have believed he was gay before I’d have believed he fathered a child of hers. I still pine for Rickey Martin.

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