Lindsay Lohan Was “Scared” During Her Hours Behind Bars, Home Free Now

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Lindsay Lohan checked into a Los Angeles County jail on at 8:50 p.m. last night and was released at 1:40 a.m. according to the AP.  This wasn’t a surprise, we knew that Lilo was going to be basically booked and released.  The only reason that spent about five hours there was because she had to wait in “line” behind other inmates being released around the same time. No star treatment here!  Ha!

Lindsay Lohan Jailhouse UPDATE! = NO JAIL TIME AT ALL

Anyhow, while she waited, she was confined to a private cell and never spent any time in the general population.  But, that was more than enough for her.  She’s telling her pals now that it was cold and scary in there.  Yet another little wake up call for the troubled actress?

Up next?  A lot more time in the morgue and of course, Lindsay will be plugging her nude spread for Playboy where she brought in a cool $1 million paycheck.  Not too shabby.

So what do you guys think at this point?  Will Lindsay Lohan have a resurrection of her career or is she going to have a bunch of random, desperate gigs?

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