Creepy! Michael Jackson DEATH BED Up For Auction

This is crossing the line, isn’t it?  TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson’s death bed is seriously going up for auction on December 17th.  Julien Auctions will be selling off the bed MJ died in.  The sheets have been changed, which I think will actually disappoint whoever is deranged enough to want it in the first place.

They will also be auctioning off other personal items including a mirror from MJ’s “private bedroom” that no one was allowed in….. ewwww… this is getting worse… and making me think of what Kurt Loder said yesterday.  Yuck!  There are some words scribbled on the mirror that MJ put there to inspire himself for the This Is It tour: “TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May.”

Am I alone in this?  Or is this beyond wrong?  Seriously?

UPDATE: MJ’s estate has pulled the bed from the auction.  Whew!  That was insane!

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